We work alongside foster carers to change lives

What Foster Care Is About

Foster care provides children and young people with a home, love and security in times when their families are unable to look after them.

Our vision is for every child to live in a family. We actively support and promote the concept of foster care at national and international level.

Our Projects

Foster Care

In every village, town and city in India there are children in need who are unable to live with their birth parents. Many lose their parents through illness and death, some have been abandoned and others are abused to the point where running away is better than the life they were born into.


Not every child is lost however and many are cared for by family members. This is known as kinship care. Charity World offers support to these families in the form of guidance, training and financial help to ensure they can continue to make life a changing impact in the lives of these children.

Adopt A Family

Charity World has identified many kinship carers who are currently struggling to provide for the whole family. We are seeking individuals to adopt these families in order to provide the financial resources needed to enable them to continue caring for the additional children in their care. As little as £10 per month can make a considerable difference.

Engage Local Governments

Charity World is working with the local government in India to develop models of foster care, which utilises many aspects of the UK Foster care system for which Charity World specialises in.

Our Foster Care Projects in the UK

Foster carers are amazing people who make a huge difference to the children in their care. We recognise the valuable support they provide to these young people at the most difficult times in their lives.

Charity World's Charity Shop

Charity World supports and maintains a charity shop. We receive donations of good quality clothes and toys, which are available to be taken for free by any foster carer or care leaver in the area. Our first shop opened in Warrington and our next shops will soon open in the Midlands and South East.


If you’d like to donate clothes and toys please get in touch.


In these challenging times, we have developed this resource page to offer families useful avenues of information, ideas and inspiration. The page offers four aspects of information. Firstly Covid-19 related information relating to the UK. We have a section on educational resources for children and families with some useful and fun ways to learn. We have a fitness section for those of you that want to stay fit with online trainers and we also have a fun section with websites you and your family may enjoy interacting with. Click on the section you want to explore.

We are looking for families who would be willing to ‘adopt’ a kinship family from deprived regions of India to help them meet the needs of their whole family with regard to home, food, education and survival.

Our Pathway To Achieving Our Goals

We don’t just want to change the lives of children, but change the lives of their families and wider communities.

Adopt A Family

  1. Charity World identifies families already providing foster care to children in order to better understand their training and support needs.



2. Charity World provides localised and regional training and support provisions for foster carers.


Engage Local Governments

3. Charity World engages in discussion with Local Government to help develop models of foster care utilising many years of expertise of fostering in the UK that exists within our management team.