What We Do

We run and support projects to help children and families who live in poverty. Our projects focus on education, child protection and foster care.

Three Projects, One Vision


We believe that the main way out of poverty is through education. Enabling children to gain the skills and knowledge allows them reach their full potential. Find out more about the schools we run and support.

Foster Care

Our vision is for every child to live in a loving and stable family. Foster care is a way of providing children and young people a home, love and security in a time where their families are unable to look after them.

We actively support and promote the concept of foster care at national and international level. Learn more about our Foster Care projects

Supporting Charities

By helping other charities, we are helping the people who need it the most. Many small charities are doing great work but require support and resources to achieve their goals. We provide that help. Find out more about the charities we work with and the fantastic work they do. 

Our Mission

Charity World supports children and families living in poverty or hardship through our education and fostering projects, and by collaborating with other charities doing great work. We believe that supporting families and children through care and education is the best way to support development of a happier, healthier society that is self-sustaining and fairer to all.
Schools Adopted
Children Sponsored
Charities Supported