Charity World was set up by a team passionate about making a difference to the lives of impoverished children living in India

About Us

We aim to be recognised throughout the world as the source of support for thousands of children in need.

Charity World’s passion for providing opportunities to children who are experiencing hardship is the drive behind everything we do. With decades of experience of building and running schools in India and fostering and care services in the UK and Europe, our team has a wealth of skills to ensure the development of this successful charity. We take great pride in the fact that our senior management team are volunteers, ensuring that 90% of funds raised goes directly to our service users. We also take a collaborative approach, recognising the fantastic work of existing charities and supporting them so together we can have maximum impact.

Our Journey

A glimpse into our journey so far

March 2016

Ukindo Care International (now Charity world) was established in 20016 by our founder Amarjit Dhull with the support & help from long time friend and colleague Tim McArdle. The charity was set up to hold no overheads with the desire to see 100% of funds raised go directly to the children to help them with their needs.


Ukindo’s First project started in India – Rohtak, Haryana – Free school for deprived children living in slums. Educated approximately 100 children.


Launch of new project education for all in India, supporting full time education for 50 children  living in slums.


Ukindo supporting 2 small NGO’s in Rajasthan India , helping support the education of 150 children. 


Ukindo schools  project – Trilokpuri, Dehli – School for children living in the slums of Trilokpuri. support the education of approximately 70 children.


Ukindo Care International name changed to Charity World


Launch of 100 schools project in India, an ambitious journey to adopt 100 schools across India. Supporting the renovation, development and operation of rural schools that are operating on very limited funds and a lack of government focus. 


First charity shop for children and foster carers. Charity World is operating and maintaining a Charity shop receiving donations of good quality clothes and toys. All items are available to be taken for free by any foster carer or care leaver in the area.


Charity World adopted its first full time school in the village of Ajayab, Rohtak, india


Charity World adopts its second village school

Our vision: to support a modern-day world that embraces education for all

Our Mission

Charity World supports children and families living in poverty or hardship through our education and fostering projects, and by collaborating with other charities doing great work. We believe that supporting families and children through care and education is the best way to support development of a happier, healthier society that is self-sustaining and fairer to all.
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