What We Do

The horrific war in Ukraine is forcing many families, women and children to flee their homes and seek shelter in neighbouring countries.

Charity World has already pledged £20,000, and the very initial aim is to support 10 Ukrainian Families who are looked after by host families. Financial and practical support is provided to the host family and the Ukrainian families to pay for food, access education, receive psychological support, arrange onwards travel, etc. We will provide £300 per month per family for their overall support.

Project Aims

To assess and support host families to look after families from the Ukraine in their own homes, so that they can receive good quality accommodation, food, medical care, education, emotional and psychological support and possibly employment.


Work on the Ground

To provide financial aid for a period of not less than 12 month to families in support of their emergency, short and medium term residential relocation needs.

To provide funding to support the acquisition or food and sustenance.

To support the access to education for all children currently displaced and without access to learning

To assess, review and support children’s psychological and emotional needs and provide trauma intervention programmes

To purchase provisions for these families directly from products and services in the local area so as to contribute and support the local economy

How can you help?

In the broadest sense, to provide this programme our costs include rental space in location of need, employment of local staff, office equipment and associated core operational costs associated. Funding has been sourced and agreed for the principle set up and operation.

What we need is the funds to support more families. This means your money going directly to a new family in crisis.

To support one family in crisis we require £200 per month. This money will be spent in a way that meet the assessed needs of each family’s individual circumstances.

We are seeking individuals and organisations who can sponsor one or more families BUT we are also looking at individuals who can part sponsor a family. No amount is too little so please give what you can and we will provide you with regular updates as to our progress and the progress of the families we are supporting.

If you are willing and able to provide a regular donation that would be a great way to help us continue to deliver services and be better able to project / forecast our how many families we can support :o)

Partner with us

Can you company partner with Charity World as part of you corporate social responsibility? If you are interested in having discussions with us about our charitable objectives and your company’s charitable goals we are more than happy to organise a web or face to face chat to see how we can make a difference together

Our Mission

Charity World supports children and families living in poverty or hardship through our education and fostering projects, and by collaborating with other charities doing great work. We believe that supporting families and children through care and education is the best way to support development of a happier, healthier society that is self-sustaining and fairer to all.
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