The Charity World Education Project provides schooling to street children and families living in slums or poor rural regions in India. These families have no financial means to afford good quality education. By supporting schools and sponsoring children in full-time education we break the cycle of poverty that many have lived in for generations.

One Hundred Schools

We have embarked on an ambitious journey to adopt 100 schools across India. We will finance and ensure that these schools have a good infrastructure and quality education in line with any good school. This includes repairing existing buildings, building new classrooms, toilets, libraries, sports facilities and providing all the necessary teaching equipment. All schools under this project will be supported on a long-term basis.

Our first adopted school is the Ajaib School, which opened in 2015. This is a rural school in Rohtak, the village where Amar Dhull, the Founder of Charity World was born and grew up. It lacked the basic infrastructure that children deserve, furniture, books, and had no toilets or running water.

Our second school opened in January 2016, and between them they currently support 100 children in full-time education. We are in the final stages of opening our next schools in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon.

Schools Adopted By Us

Could you adopt a school?

We have identified several schools which will become part of the project, and we are actively seeking funders. You can request to support one of these schools, or nominate a local school that you think would benefit from the support of the 100 Schools Project. Any support, whether big or small, will make a huge difference to these children and their local communities.

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Education For All

We don’t want to provide a basic level of education, but to deliver the best free education that can be found in India. These children have so much potential and we will support them in full-time education up to the age of 18, and beyond if they wish to go to University.

In areas we have not adopted a school, we support individual children to attend local fee paying schools in circumstances where their families are unable to afford to send them. We have sponsored over 1000 children in full-time education, and are seeking further sponsors for children.

Sponsor A Child

£10 per month can secure a school place for a child and change their future.

There are thousands of children whose families cannot afford to pay school fees. Your support would enable them to access quality education in a safe environment. We’ll also make sure that you receive regular updates on their progress.

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Policy, Research and Campaigning

We fight for the rights of all children to receive a good standard of education so that everybody has opportunities to achieve in life. We work with partners and collaborate on research initiatives to help evidence the need for better government support and intervention. We share the findings and research with the government and our partners.

Could you adopt a school or sponsor a child?

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Our vision: To support a modern-day world that embraces education for all