Amar Dhull was born in a small village in Haryana, near Delhi, India. Despite his humble beginnings, Amar was driven to succeed and excelled in education. He achieved BCOM, LLB, MSW, PGDPM at Delhi University. This laid solid foundations for his path to considerable personal and professional success.

The last 25 years has seen Amar break the mould as an innovator and entrepreneur. Amar has built an impressive portfolio in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance and management, and has served on the boards of public and private companies, as well as charitable organisations and statutory authorities. Amar is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for ethically led initiatives that delivers a real and sustainable impact. Currently, he presides as the Managing Director of UK Fostering, which provides services to children cared for by local UK Government. He is also the Managing Director of SevenArk (UK) an organisation that specialises in property acquisition and management, and RoundArk Technologies (India) which specialises in digital marketing and software development. Previous experience include Managing Director roles in Capstone Foster Care, Vision Care Services (operating children’s nurseries in the UK) and Avantus (recruitment and placement of staff in the social care sector).

In the not-for-profit sphere Amar is the founder and a trustee of the Indo British Education Trust which operates independent schools in India in areas where education is poorly regulated – or sometimes not even available. Amar personally built a school in Rohtak over 20 years ago for children who have limited or no access to funding for their education. The Trust now operates two schools, educating over 1,800 children at any point in time, providing free education to over 120 pupils every year.

In 2016 Amar realised a life-long dream of setting up Charity World to help improve the lives of children and families from vulnerable and deprived backgrounds. This brings together his expertise, passion and belief that those who have been successful in life have a duty to give back. Every project Charity World offers has been carefully considered, designed and developed by Amar and his team, and is guided by his considerable experience in this sector. This is the start of what Amar anticipates will become a worldwide movement helping many thousands of vulnerable children.