Danielle’s background is elite sport. She is a double Paralympic gold medallist and five time World Champion in archery. She also became the first disabled person to represent England – and win gold – at the Commonwealth Games. During her time training she also graduated from the University of Leicester with first class honours in law.

After becoming disabled as a teenager, Danielle realised that even in adversity we have a choice. Choose to let the things outside your control defeat you, or choose to control your response to it.

Taking up archery on her fifteenth birthday, Danielle made the Great Britain team three years later, jumping straight in as world number 1. She hung onto that position for her entire career. Danielle is a 5 time World Champion and 2 time Paralympic gold medallist, winning gold in Beijing 2008 and retaining her title on home soil in London 2012. She also became the first disabled person to represent England as an able-bodied competitor at the Commonwealth Games, where she won gold.

Danielle now works as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach. She specialises in helping others unlock their potential, break through barriers and achieve more. Working with young people is an important social aspect to what Danielle does and she is passionate about helping young people develop strong foundations for success. She has developed the online programme Your Journey To Success, which equips young people with the tools to create their own success stories. She has also co-authored children’s self-development book Be Your Best Self, with nine-year-old Nathan Kai, which was released in October 2019. This helps young people develop essential life skills, growth mindsets and learn how to be happy, healthy and successful