Susanne Klahre, a former Director of UK Fostering, lives in Switzerland. She has a strong background in education (primary school teacher) and disability/sensory impaired (hearing impaired children and deaf blind adults), and in the past few years as specialist teacher for ‘individual talent development’. Susanne Klahre studied ‘Rhythmic’ in Switzerland (1989) which focuses on working with hearing impaired children and adults. It is a therapeutic form of creating experiences through movement and the tactile senses. She worked for several years at a specialist school for hearing impaired children in Switzerland. Presently, she works at a primary school in a culturally rich and mixed part of Basel, Switzerland.

Her active and family oriented lifestyle includes frequent outings with her two sons (age 15 and 18) and her husband; cycling, hiking, expressive arts such as painting, music, play and theatre. Susanne Klahre is very passionate and dedicated to creating child friendly environments for children, in which individual learning, having fun, sharing experiences and enjoying each other’s presence is paramount.